How to always have great sex

Do you enjoy and want to have more great sex? Is there a secret to having an amazing orgasm every time you have sex with your partner? I am not sure about you, but what I have learned from many of my dates and sexy companions at London escorts, is that we often rush sex. When I speak to my bisexual colleagues here at London escorts, it is clear that most of the bisexual girls I work with at the escort agency in London, do not rush sex. All of my bisexual friends seem to be much more happy with their sex lives than me.

I really do not have a lot of time for dating at the moment as I am very busy working for London escorts, but when I do have some time off, I like to make the most out of personal dates. For instance, I never rush a date at all. My time away from London escorts at is precious to me, and when I am on a date, I really do like to make sure that I enjoy that person’s company. Since I have been doing that, I have come to appreciate what good sex really means and how important it is to me.

Sensuality should be part of good sex. I love going out for dinner, having a glass of champagne and then slowly make my way into the bedroom. The guys I date at London escorts seem to want to rush sex with their partners and I am pretty sure that it is one of the reasons so many of them are unhappy with their sex lives. That is not the only mistakes many of my London escorts date make with their partners. They also do not give their partners any personal time to do simple things like having a bath, or just the chance to chill out with a glass of wine.

How do you change things? Obviously the first thing that you need to do is to realise that you need to change. Most of the gentlemen I date at London escorts really do not appreciate that some of it is up to them. They need to change before they can improve their sex lives with their partners. It is often easier said than done as you are talking about changing the habits of a lifetime.

Why are finding it so hard to slow things down a little? Modern life is all about rushing around and when it comes to going up to our partners, we often take that feeling with us. Do we need to? When I finish my London escorts shift for the night, I often think about going home to what I call my sanctuary. It is my own little place, and I have turned into a sensual place in my life. My bedroom is comfortable, and the other entire place has a sensual air about it. I love it, and if you want to put the brakes on a little bit to experience a better sex life, it is the ideal place to do so.

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