Question Asked in the Agency on Sex and Relationships


We asked you guys here at Eve escorts for your sex and relationship questions. and so we’re here to solve them for you.

-Agnes Marie asked “thoughts on friends with benefits?”

– I think that it can work if you do it once or twice. But I don’t know if you can like maintain it, ’cause then it turns into like more like a relationship that isn’t.

– I think it can work if the communication is there. That you both are very honest with each other about what you want and what you don’t want. And then if your feelings change, then you are also honest about that.

– Yeah, you must be. If you want to be in a relationship with them and they just say let’s be friends with benefits, don’t settle for that. ‘Cause rather just find someone who really wants to be with you.

Michael James asks “how do I make the first move?”

– I think communication is key. And then yeah, to make the first move I think that you’ve gotta be able to read the other person well first. Make sure the first move isn’t something crazy, you know. Something small like a hand, holding her hand.

It’s like that really intimate thing but without anything like embarrassing or too open or too kind of like gruesome in beginnings.

Donna asks “Who’s more hard to understand “in a relationship? Boys or girls?”

– Wow. That’s a really difficult one. I don’t think it’s something that’s based on your gender. But I think when you’re a teenager and you’re like going through puberty and the differences are very visual and very apparent. Hormones are raging and everything’s a bit bigger than it should be and a bit more scary.

But I think when you get a little older you realize that everybody is an individual and it will have certain needs and it doesn’t actually necessarily matter if you’re a boy or a girl.

– Beatrice asks, “How to get over your first love?”

– Oh that’s a really, really hard one again. It has three exclamation marks.

So it’s important. Yes, it’s really, really important, because it’s your first love and you’ll never have that again and it’s so tough because you really have nothing to compare it to and you feel like you probably aren’t gonna fall in love again. But you will.

– This goes for getting over anyone. you just kinda need to sever contact with them for a while.

– What I always tell my friends when they’re really feeling bad, and what I try to tell myself as well when I’m really heartbroken, is time will heal it. Every day that goes by you’ll suddenly feel lighter and lighter and that feeling that you had just kinda starts to fade away and you kinda forget.

– Bash asks, “How long should foreplay usually last?”

– Oooh. However long you want. whatever works for you.” foreplay is not a means to an end. It can often be an end in itself.

Lee, I wonder who they’re fans of, asks, “I love him and he loves me. But we still never talk. It’s crap and I hate it cause he’s too scared to ask something.”

– You never talk? You probably don’t love each other. But you might do, you might think that you do. because when you talk you will probably fall deeper in love.

– So are you waiting for him to ask you something? Because you could also ask him something.


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